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12/20/2012 Lookout Transfer Station -  Looks like the City and the North Texas Municipal Water District are ignoring the Memorandum of Understanding signed a few years ago. Read for yourself...OwensPark, and Parker Leigh Environmental.

06/26/2012 Coytoe Alert - Tuesday morning (6/26/12) at about 6:00 am while walking my dog, a Coyote crossed a yard in front of us. He was no more than 50 feet away coming from the wooded area West of Campbell and Brandeis (between the church and the house at that corner) and he turned the corner into the neighborhood not away from it.  The Coyote went East down the alley between Campbell Trail and Drew, probably looking for breakfast. The animal was light brown, grey and white, mid-sized and about 50 to 70 Lbs. but not skinny as I have seen one other Coyote (or maybe the same but much leaner) in the same area about 6 months ago, nor was he “skiddish” when he looked at my pet and myself.  He just turned his head and looked straight at us and kept up his prancing pace and went forward. Our 14 year old Schnauzer (who can barely hear and has vision problems too) gave a deep growl and Maggie doesn’t growl at anything. This animal, unlike the first sighting,  looked like he had not missed a meal in a long time and appeared to be quite healthy. Since this was in an early daylight setting it’s just a caution to all pet owners that because we live on a peninsula-like setting (surrounded by a stable, golf course and wooded creek area) it’s not uncommon to have visits from our neighbors as I also did last week in the evening when I opened the front door and an Opossum was sitting there looking at me. Albeit he was more frightened of me than me of him and he ran off, it was not expected and a little disturbing thinking that if I did not have our elderly dog on her leash what could have happened.

07/13/2010 Lookout Transfer Station -
Here is a current update.

06/03/2009 Lookout Transfer Station -
The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) hel a meeting at City hall to discuss the upcoming rebuilding of the Lookout transfer station. The facility is 30+ years old and is in need of an overhaul. The proposed new facility is huge at over 50 feet high. The proposal calls for quadrupling the amount of waste handled.  The NTMWD admits that Richardson is the main user of this facility and that residential waste in flat. Plano, Frisco, Allen, and McKinney are handled by two other facilities located in Plano. A fourth facility is planned near the Plano/Frisco boarder. Garland and Cities to the east do not participate with the NTMWD and there are no plans to bring them under contract. So why does Richardson need FOUR TIMES the capacity. The answer was the new commercial construction along the Bush Turnpike. The Owens Park HOA (  has a lot of good information on this. You can view the NTMWD presentation here:
There was no mention that the other building and the fire academy would be swallowed by the new trash facility. My question on this has gone unanswered.

04/01/2009 Reverse 911 System -
The City of Richardson has implemented a Community Emergency Notification System, which is meant to notify citizens during certain types of emergencies. The system being used is called Reverse 911®. It allows the City to rapidly notify residents and businesses by telephone. In the event of an emergency, an operator using the system can identify the affected neighborhood or region of the city and record a message that describes the situation. The System can make approximately 1,900 calls per hour. Therefore, the system is used during emergencies which have a long warning time or are targeted to very specific areas of the city. When you receive a phone call, the caller identification will display, "Richardson Emergency." The Reverse 911 system is going to be tested on a quarterly basis utilizing the City's solid waste collection quadrants. The first test of the system will occur today, April 1st. Based on the parameters of the Reverse 911 System, a limited number of quadrants will be tested each time. The test occurring today will only include quadrants 1 & 2 of the City, which includes properties north of Arapaho Road. Any properties on the south side of Arapaho will not be included in the April 1st test. We encourage you to get more information about the Reverse 911 System and our testing efforts on the City's website at the following link:

Census Bureau to Verify Local Addresses for 2010 CensusIn preparation for the 2010 Census, U.S. Census Bureau workers will be working in Richardson’s neighborhoods in the coming weeks, using GPS equipped hand held computers to confirm the accuracy of the City’s addresses. This operation will verify the list of addresses the City of Richardson staff provided to the Census Bureau in March 2008.
The Local Update of Census Addresses program, also known as LUCA, is a decennial census geographic partnership program that allows local governments to review and update the Census Bureau's Address List that is used to deliver questionnaires for the decennial census. Because the objective of the census is to collect a questionnaire from every address on the Census Bureau's Address List, the accuracy and completeness of the address list is critical to the accuracy and completeness of the census.
With Census Day in just one short year—April 1, 2010—the LUCA program is an important step in an effort that affects the apportionment of congressional seats, and how the federal government annually allocates $300 billion in federal assistance to state, local and tribal governments.

03/22/2009 Cambell Road Beautification Project - Your Board is working with the City to come up with a plan to beautify the area along Campbell Road between the Yale entry and the church. This will be a several year project for us to fund with our limited dues assessments.

12/18/2008 Outdoor Warning System Test - 1st Wednesday of Every Month at Noon Beginning January 7, 2009. These tests will include approximately 30 seconds of audible siren sound. For additional information regarding the system, test schedule, siren locations, and steps you can take to protect yourself and your family during emergency situations, please visit or contact Mistie Gardner in the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security or 972-744-4212.

12/11/2008 Dallas Morning News Briefing Paper -  
The latest information from the Dallas Morning News about their efforts to improve distribution practices and address customers service concerns related to Briefing.  The memo from David Morel, Director of Circulation for Briefing, summarizes a number of important initiatives they plan to undertake as a result of meetings with the City, including:

09/25/2008 Huffines Rec Center -
The official ground breaking took place for the new facility on September 25, 2008..

09/19/2008 City budget for 2008-2009
- passed with no tax rate increase. To cover the increase cost to provide sewer and waste collection, the monthly fee for utilities will be increased approximately $3.33 a month for the average user. The overall City budget was increased 4.3%. More detail on the city budget can be seen at the City website at

09/19/2008 Cotton Belt DART Rail - The City Council was updated on the progress of the Cotton Belt DART rail system, which will span the 52-mile distance between Wylie and Fort Worth. The Rail Corridor Ad Hoc Negotiation Committee has set a goal for completion of the line in 2012 - 2013 rather than the original 2030 date. A quiet diesel/electric vehicle similar to one used by Austin, Texas is being considered for use on this line. This vehicle will be able to travel along the existing rail system as well as the Cotton Belt system. 8/20/08

09/07/2008 Sidewalk Repairs -
Your neighborhood is looking at  contracting with Concrete Raising Corp. to level sidewalks within our neighborhood. The normal $750 service charge will be waived. It would cost an estimated $50 per square to have your sidewalks leveled.

09/07/2008 Rumors - The Chinese Bible Church may be planning to build a three story 150x150 foot building along Campbell Trail.

07/16/2008 Best Small Cities - Great news! Richardson has placed #18 on the list of the top 100 "Best Small Cities" in the USA. Only 3 Texas small cities scored three higher...Round Rock(7), McKinney (14) and Carrolton (15). Lots of Texas cities scored lower including:

    Allen (20)
    Euless (34
    Frisco (38)
    And lots of others.
The ranking is based on many categories such as affordable housing, jobs, income, taxes, schools, libraries, crime, cost of living, and overall quality of life to name a few.
Here is how CNN Money summarized its findings about Richardson:
"Richardson is one of the densest high-tech areas in the nation, with Telecom Corridor, where Nortel (among other companies) houses its U.S. headquarters. The city just north of Dallas is also home to four DART rail stations and lots of new luxury condominium, apartment and town home developments. Residents enjoy the annual city tradition of the Cottonwood Art Festival, an award-winning exhibit of more than 200 artists and craftsmen from around the country. And crime is low."
Please see Richardson's summary:
You may check out the whole list:

01/23/2008 Campbell Road Beautification - We have updated information from Dan Baker at the City of Richardson. After we filed our application for matching funds in 2006, there was a moratorium on irrigation/landscaping projects due to the drought. At this time, projects are back on the boards, so naturally, they are backlogged. He will complete an initial assessment in approx. 4-6 wks., and get back with us with ideas and cost estimates. We will be required to use the city's contractors, and we will be able to stage our project. We'll keep you informed. 

07/10/2007 Water Restrictions - Due to the rains the last two months, water restrictions have been lifted. You may now water your lawn any day of the week, but not between the hours of 10am through 6pm.

07/01/2007 RV Ordinance Takes Effect - Boats, trailers, campers, motor homes are not allowed in front of homes. They must be screened from view if parked at the rear.

06/25/2007 City Council - Long time mayor, Gary Slagel, was rejected in the city council vote for mayor. Gary had been mayor of Richardson for 16 years. Steve Mitchell will take over as the new mayor. Likewise, John Murphy, mayor pro-tem for the last 12 years, was also ousted. Bob Townsend will take over that position. Gary has indicated that he will resign his position on the Council. He was re-elected in the May election. What a shame that he may cost the City a large pile of cash to hold a special election to fill his seat.

06/22/2007 Richardson Square Mall - Demolition is underway.

06/22/2007 The Venue - This is a $34 million complex of about 280 high-end apartments and retail space next to the Galatyn Dart Station.

06/22/2007 Eastside - This $90 million complex combines apartments, retail, and office space at Central and Campbell. It is under construction.

06/19/2007 Towne Central - This complex at Belt Line and Central is still in the early stages. Not all of the property has been acquired. The rumored Home Depot won't happen here.

06/19/2007 Wildflower! - Wildflower in May had a record attendance of about 72,000. There was a budget balance this year of $90,000. That means it only cost about $110,000 plus employee overtime to put this on.

06/11/2007 Residential Car Washing Now Permitted - As of June 11, 2007 Richardson City Council approved residents to wash their cars on private premises effective immediately. This includes cars, boats, trailers and other motor and mobile vehicles. When washing mobile vehicles, a self shut off nozzle must be used at all times. Residents may wash their vehicles, sensibly, any day of the week and will not be restricted to match the current lawn watering schedules. Spring and summer clean up on windows, walls and fences are also permitted with the use of a shut off nozzle. Lawns may continue to be watered twice per week only. If you have any further questions, please visit the City’s website, or contact the Public Services Department at (972) 744-4220, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

04/05/2007 Sexually Oriented Businesses - For the last few months, the City has been working hard to make it difficult for Sexually Oriented Businesses to locate within the City. This all came to a head with the opening of Zone D' Erotica on the west side of Central Expressway. A new City Ordinance (#3594) has been drafted with a final (?) public hearing set for April 9th, 7:30pm at City Hall. The City's WEB site has background information and presentations available. Also included are the two letters that you should have received.

11/21/2006 Richardson Square Mall - Rumors are that most of it is to be demolished. Sears and Target remain. A Home Depot or Lowe's will go in.

11/06/2006 Tax Increment Financing - The City intends to create a TIF to sponsor redevelopment along Central Expressway and also along Spring Valley.

10/17/2006 City Wide Wireless Network - Plans are in work to blanket the City with a Wireless network. This is intended to be a free service from MetroFi and sponsored with banner ads.

07/03/2006 Richardson Square Mall Area - Burlington Coat Factory will be going into the Mervyn’s building. The location of the now-closed Whataburger, should not be vacant for long. Three restaurant pad sites will be constructed on the mall property facing Plano Road and Beltline Road. And speaking of the mall property, the new plans are moving forward and should be announced in the very near future.

07/03/2006 Huffhines Recreation Center - The new Huffhines Recreation Center will be built on the old Huffhines property facing Plano Road. This property is between the University Village Apartments and the ponds of Huffhines Park. This was part of the 2006 Bond election.

07/03/2006 City Comprehensive Plan - The City is updating the comprehensive plan. The last update was undertaken in 2000.  This is a long range plan (20-30 years) and sets the direction of the desired future of the City. The plan becomes the policy guide for development review, zoning, and land use decisions. It also contains plans for public facilities and transportation system planning. Beginning this fall, the City will hold open houses to collect public input for the vision of Richardson's future.

07/03/2006 Animal Shelter - The Richardson Animal Shelter has a new WEB site for lost and found pets. You can post pictures of your lost pet and contact information. Animal for adoption are also posted there. You can create a "wish list" for you favorite pet. When one becomes available, the Animal Shelter will send you an email.

07/03/2006 Richardson Neighborhood Integrity - Did you know that Richardson has a Neighborhood Integrity Program?  It is designed to ensure that we live in a a safe, desirable area, and that our property values are maintained.  The City's WEB site is here. Incidences and UENHA area code violations can be found here.

11/28/2005 High Density Housing - The City Council approved a high density housing project at Campbell and Central. The new project brings more than 500,000 square feet of commercial, residential and retail space to the intersection. The developers anticipate construction for the retail and office portions to commence in the first half of 2006; construction on the residential sections will begin in the second half of the year. Retail space is expected to be open for business by the middle of 2007.

11/14/2005 Campbell Rd and 75 Tunnel - With little fanfare, the City Council approved the staff recommendation to deferred the tunnel. Basically this means that the funding will get re-allocated to other projects and this project will be put off for a few years. It is expected to come back for funding proposals to be submitted in 2010.

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